Stalin monument in Gori is gone

The over-spoken statue of Stalin that stood on the central square of Gori has been removed just an hour ago. The discussion about the monument became harsh after the war in 2008 between Georgia and Russia, after which Russia occupied 20% of Georgia, including two breakaway regions Abkhazia and so-called South Ossetia. Part of the Georgian society disliked the monument saying that Georgia is occupied by the descendants of Stalin and he’s statue must not stand in the middle of Gori. Others stated that Statue must be replaced by the monument of Georgian heroes who stood against Russian forces to protect Gori and entire Georgia. Some Gori citizens claimed that Stalin’s statue is one of the key monuments of the town that attracts tourists who are interested to see his hometown and his house.

Despite all the talking the statue is down. The process started approximately at 00:10 am local Georgian time on June 25, 2010. The territory was surrounded by Georgian police. According to TV station Trialeti’s Lado Bichashvili, he was not allowed to shoot a video of the initial process. The live camera that looks at the central square and belongs to was covered by unknown tissue live camera looking at the Gori central square at 01:07 am local Georgian time

The tissue was gone approximately at 1:30 a.m. local Georgian time and one can see that the statue is not there anymore

This is a photo that was uploaded on

Morning at the Gori central square

No official statement was released about the action and it is still unknown where will Joseph Stalin’s statue go, it is also unknown if a new monument will rise on the same spot.


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