Embassy Row: Georgia

If you happen to be in Washington DC make sure you go to the Embassy Row.  It is not hard to be found: get on the Dupont Circle take Massachusetts ave. and walk towards the Sheridan Circle. In about two minutes you will see the first diplomatic building which is the Chancery of the Portuguese Embassy. From that point Embassy Row or your international adventure begins because there are approximately 60 embassies around. Keep walking straight up to the Sheridan Circle and you’ll see diplomatic missions of Indonesia and India. A little bit farther, after the crossroad of Florida Ave. approximately 10 Embassies are located next to each other. These are missions of Turkmenistan, Togo, Greece, Ireland, Egypt, Sudan and etc. Georgian embassy is sandwiched between Greek and Turkmen missions.

Tiny building located in the heart of Washington DC is approximately 100 years old, It has a big flag hanging on its external wall and the coat of arms of Georgia at the top of the entrance.

Entering the building first thing you see is a marble wall with the coat of arms of Georgia and flags of US and Georgia around it.

On Tuesday afternoon, lobby seems very quite, there is a fireplace, a TV that plays videos about Georgia, sofas and a photo of George W. Bush’s visit to Georgia

My guide, George Kaladze who is a Senior Political Counselor at the embassy takes me around the first floor, where few offices, information desk and the reception are located.

On a shelf there are informative books about the Rose Revolution, Georgia, country’s historical monuments and the book by Svante E. Cornell and S. Frederick Starr called The Guns of August 2008: Russia’s War in Georgia.

On the second floor there is a meeting room, secretary’s desk and the Ambassador’s office.

Ambassador’s office looks beautiful, there are sofas for guests, a fireplace, picture of the President Saakashvili hangs next to the entrance. On the other side of the entrance there is a Khevsurians’ Appeal to the US President which reached its recipient only 70 years later.

The rest of the staff works on third and fourth floors. There are 14 people working in the Georgian mission, according to Kaladze it is the highest number since the Embassy was open for the first time.

Want to know more about Georgia or its diplomatic mission to the United States? Then visit this address: 2209 Massachusetts Avenue NW Washington DC, 20008 or call 1-202-387-23-90. Also visit the website of the embassy: http://usa.mfa.gov.ge

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