Only 3 percent of Russians feel ‘Very Good” of Georgia

On January 21-24, 2011 Russia-based Yuri Levada Analytical Center (Levada Center) conducted a research and surveyed 1600 Russians in 130 settlements of 45 regions of the country. Youngest interviewees were 18 years old. The Levada center posted results of the survey on its website [RUS]. According to them, Statistical error in the data from these studies does not exceed 3,4%. Here are the results:

Results show that Russians dislike Georgia more than USA, EU, Belarus and Ukraine.


  1. Those results depend on political situation.
    If you look at Russian feelings towards US on 10 year horizon you will see that Russian liked USA a lot after 9/11 and hated them after Invasion of Iraq.
    Russian will like Georgia more when politics changes, still this data show that almost 40% has good feelings towards Georgia.

    1. They pretty much depend on political situation. It’s just that most of the negative feelings go to Georgia.
      Average “Bad” response is 16.75 for 4 others and it’s 33 for Georgia.

  2. Because of Obama in US and Ukraine’s Yanukovych – both have a ‘reset’ with Russia (even if it’s only a gesture). There’s little reason for negative feelings towards EU and Belarus.
    They should have put China or Japan on the diagram.

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