Facebook in Georgia [Infographic]


1) There are lot of fake Georgian profiles. Because of this, percentages might be insignificantly different.

2) Many people mentioned in this infographic are represented by more than one page. Ones with highest number of fans have been selected for this statistics.

3) All images are copied from the above mentioned pages.

4) Not all the pages are official.

5) Information is gathered through various sources, like Facebook’s advertising statistics, Socialbakers, Alexa.com and many others.

6) Latest information on the internet penetration was released in 2010. Probably, the number is higher today but it is unknown.

7) The calculation of Facebook users by the end of 2011 is based on the growth of Georgian users for past 6 months and is based on the assumption that the growth will continue.

It took me 3 days, 2 cups of coffee, thorough research and 70 Photoshop layers to compile this infographic. Let me know if you have any additions, suggestions or questions.


  1. interesting and important infromation.
    one of the reasons why facebook may be more popular than odnoklassniki is that odnoklassniki does not represent a place for discussions on political, social, cultural and other themes. facebook offers this opportunity and even though our nation’s big percentage is still more comfortable with the russian language and thus may prefer russian networks for that reason (correct me if i am wrong here), their use of social networks goes beyond sharing fotoes and sedning kisses, it is about social interaction on the level of sharing ideas. either that or farmville…

  2. @Salome, I agree with you that Facebook is an important and interesting tools for Georgian political and social discussions, there were several protests, petitions and actions organized via Facebook. See my post about Bloggers supporting IDPs.

    As far as I’m concerned Odnoklassniki makes people pay for certain services which in my opinion is a mistake.

    However, lots of organizations use Facebook wrongly. Some of them open profiles instead of pages and send friend requests to people, they tag them in promotional images/videos and etc.

    Mirian Jugheli

    1. @Erekle Sanikidze,
      I don’t really know what you mean by “fake”. The page “Iavnana” might only fall under the section called “Other famous pages”, for which 3 random pages (with more than 20,000 people) were selected.

      Mirian Jugheli

  3. Could you please tell me where can I find information about how many users were there in Georgia in the beginning of 2007

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