Month: May 2011

Beyonce – Run The World (Girls)

Beyonce Knowles, 29, has finally released a video to her new sizzling track – Run The World (Girls), which after Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) and Diva is considered to be a continuation of her messages of female empowerment.

In the Run The World (Girls) video, Beyonce is a leader of a female-gang that takes on its male enemies with impressive and energetic dance moves. The video features Beyonce on a wild horse, on a car with Revolution written on it, in a factory and etc. Beyonce changes costumes several times and strikes with powerful poses throughout the video.

In one of the scenes the singer holds hyenas and stands in a field with a road sign in the back. The sign is from Georgia and gives directions to Tbilisi, Tskhinvali and Gori.


Didgori – new Georgia-produced armored vehicle [PHOTOS]

Tbilisi’s main thoroughfare, Rustaveli Avenue, and nearby streets were closed down for traffic late on Tuesday as the Georgian troops launched rehearsal of a military parade to mark the Independence Day on May 26 – Reports

According to, rehearsal of the military parade featured newly produced Georgian armored vehicle – Didgori, which was produced by Tbilisi Aircraft Manufacturing. According to the same source 14 Didgoris will be shown on the Independence Day parade.

Here are some photos of Didgori: