Beyonce – Run The World (Girls)

Beyonce Knowles, 29, has finally released a video to her new sizzling track – Run The World (Girls), which after Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) and Diva is considered to be a continuation of her messages of female empowerment.

In the Run The World (Girls) video, Beyonce is a leader of a female-gang that takes on its male enemies with impressive and energetic dance moves. The video features Beyonce on a wild horse, on a car with Revolution written on it, in a factory and etc. Beyonce changes costumes several times and strikes with powerful poses throughout the video.

In one of the scenes the singer holds hyenas and stands in a field with a road sign in the back. The sign is from Georgia and gives directions to Tbilisi, Tskhinvali and Gori.

It is unknown why did Beyonce use this sign or what is the message but many in Georgia talk about its link with the August 2008 war.

Beyonce’s new album will be in stores from June 28, 2011.

Watch the video of Run The World (Girls) and look attentively at 1:50.


  1. I really doubt there is a message behind it. She probably has no idea what it is and just liked the “exotic” alphabet.

    1. @lala I totally Agree with u, And i Think that this is very disrespect of our nation….what the hell is doing georgian road sign in desert…i dont get it, no, useless, pointless..

      1. This is a demonic video. Do some research on the trinity of hell. The trinity is Oprah, Obama, and Dr. Wright (Oprah and Obama’s preacher). It will blow your mind. She sung this song for Oprah’s last episode. I researched this stuff for over eight hours, it’s scary. Oprah and the followers of her new church, The New Earth Church, are calling Obama the new messiah. The are telling people not to follow the bible and that Jesus is a figment of the imagination.

  2. Whatever is the reason, the scen is really great and amazing! all the stuff there and the symbol…. Beyonce ‘s the best!

  3. Too bad reporter doesn’t know coyotes from hyenas…especially as they latter are an endangered species in…the country of Georgia!

  4. The sign is most certainly not in Georgia, there is no trash or plastic bags floating around to be seen

      1. No Mirian, I saw idiotic drivers, spit everywhere, way too many cigarette smokers, people who think black is the only color for dress, no sidewalks as they are used for parking, constant staring, no idea on how to wait in line, discourteous service sector, undrinkable local beer, monotonous food, overrated and over priced wine, and TRASH everywhere. Filthy place, and not recommended to anyone. Other than that, my visit was a disaster.

    1. As much as I enjoyed your constructive criticism, I think you’re overcompensating a little there, billy. Georgia has a lot more to offer than ‘trash or plastic bags’. Obviously your narrow-minded, superior, “We’ve only been around a century or two, which gives us the right to be cocky bastards” attitude somehow led you to believe it’s okay to discriminate against people of different origins so openly. I honestly would like for you to shove your misconceptions. I’m not sure who you encountered on your ‘disastrous visit’, but Georgians are some of the kindest people. I have lived in the states for 6 years, and you’re right, I’m very impressed with the egotistic, peculiar thing you see everywhere.

  5. @Bill Durks, i bet you grew up in a harmony, surrounded by nice people. where guess what i grew up where russians blew our houses down to the ground and there were shooting everywhere. and for the record insulting the nation’s qualities makes u a prejudice. if you didnt like the place so much why the hell did you choose to visit? every nation has its elements and im realllly sorry you see us that way. i guess you are very biased after all, just like the rest of the rednecks out there who treat immigrants like crap.

  6. i wrote an article about the war and im pretty certain we didnt start the war. its absurd thinking that we could ever decide to go against the Bear empire. so i have a suggestion fot ya, get your information straight and write about it afterwards.

  7. ok seriously, this is getting a little bit personal. all im saying is that if you didnt like Georgia so much you should’ve never gone and furthermore never make assumptions about a nation when you dont even know its background. all america’s got is a century, you should have respect for Georgia at least for its 21 century existence. and even if you think Georgia is a filthy place filled with disgusting people you should keep that to yourself. i got a bunch of americans and british folks who visit georgia and love it there. i dont know where you went and what you saw. oh and one more thing you should never tell that to a Georgian in his/her face, we have a bad tamper, you might end up in a hospital, just heads up for the future reference.

  8. People always assume they know more then they actually do, and this goes to mr. dorks. If you want to complain about garbage on the streets, people driving crazy and skpping lines, I suggest you visit NYC. Big city, very much so in the 21 Century, in a rich USA and still has garbage on the streets and full of rude people. And for those minor things should the entire American be considered bad? That shows how closed minded you are. Don’t generalize your small experience and pass judgement on the entire country and its people. Georgia is beautiful and people living in it are very generous and kind.

    1. i completely agree. NYC is a typical example of the kind of rude, selfish, arrogant people Mr. Durks thinks we are. im sorry but you dont have a right to judge a nation in front of a mass media, especially on wordpress. that is very negative and it completely characterizes you as a ruthless man. its very arrogant of you to call Georgians filthy and disgusting.

  9. NYC has over 8 million people. Tbilisi has about 1.3 million. Do the math…
    Georgians of today are retreating back to their roots. I saw a lot of folks when I was walking down Rustaveli who looked like Miza and Zezva

    1. not miza but mzia correct your mistakes,and change the way of your talking,because many georgian people read this^and actually laugh

  10. im sorry, i dont think that its my math, i dont know weather you visited Georgia in 19th century but today its population is up to 4.3 million. and least mzia and zezva were one of the earliest generations ever. what did you people find in american ruins? indian reservoirs and destroyed nature that will never restore? oh and by the way Georgians speak up to 4 languages. personally i speak 4 languages fluently. how many can you speak? can you beat that?

  11. @Bill Durks
    Georgia has a lot of issues it has to be said and everything you said has a ring of truth to it….however… the Georgian people are the nicest and most hospitable people I have met anywhere in the world.
    I lived in a village in Georgia for a year and visited the capital many times, it is the same as most big cities, even in the western world…people are sometimes rude, people sometimes spit on the street and there is some trash around, as I say these are problems every city has, but, if you look around at the amazing country and if you ever go to a friendly supra where people only have good things to say to each other you may change your opinion on Georgia overall.
    In fairness to them they have lived through sh*t that you and I will never (thank God) see in our lives and there are doing their best to pick themselves up and look to the future. It takes time to change, you have to realise that. Imagine if your country was being dominated for years and years and just when you were picking yourselves up there was another war! People are poor, some are living in terrible conditions but I for one have to admire them for getting up every morning and smiling and making the most of what they have.
    Also, if you really want to judge a country fairly, shouldn’t you also take into account the wonderful things about it…Ninostminda, Vardzia, Borjomi, Tchiatura, and the many glorious mountains and views just to name a few.
    I think you should reel in your anger a bit, because you are not doing yourself any favours and you should try not to be so horrible about a place that others clearly love.

  12. exscuse me Bill Durks,dont you ever say anything like that about georgia again,i am from georgia and i do not like what you said,no one ever said anything about your country so shut up or i will brake your mouth!!

  13. Everybody go to Youtube. Theres a remix of this single produced by this guy name Fyuchur. Its Hot!! Even her fans love it

  14. I just came back from Batumi. One of the worst places on earth, and with the worst people on earth, outside of Tbilisi. A thrid world country with soviet mentaility..awful

    1. Why do you people talk to this moron?? why? He is obviously a Russian degenerate, who has never been to Georgia, but googled some names of the places and writes pure filth. Dont waste your time replaying to this twat. so called “Bill” go suck your master Putin, he will reward you for being a loyal dog that you are.

  15. Everybody go to Youtube. Beyonce and Nicky is on a remix together on her single Run the World Girls. This guy name Fyuchur produced it. Its Hot!! Both of their fans love it

  16. Just wanted to say that Bill Durks comments are not fair. I’ve been to Georgia two times and yes, there is lots of trash, yes there are many idiotic drivers (but you should visit Russia and then come back and complain about drivers. Even Estonia will do, trust me, it is worse ) and yes, people love to wear black there alot but. Wine is good and cheap, people are so nice and friendly, grilled meat there is the best I ever had and Borjomi water is one thing I cannot live without ๐Ÿ˜€ Thank God, they sell it in Baltic states. (It’s best thing to drink when you have hangover). And almost all people who ยดhave visited georgia, are all been pleased and want to go back. So do I.

  17. No need to explain to Bill how great Georgia and Georgian people are; he and everyone else in the world already knows that. Yet for some reason he tries to make up for his own personal inadequacies by taking his anger out on the whole country, lol.

    The unusual animosity towards Georgia that Bill displays in his comments suggests that maybe he was either rejected by a Georgian woman, or a Georgian man stole his ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Tbilisi may not be the cleanest city, but it’s far from “filthy”. The all-black wardrobe is very chic; all fashion-conscious societies wear a lot of black. In Georgia even the poorest of the poor strive to dress nicely. If he were willing to make friends in Georgia, which is almost effortless, he could have experienced the delicious food and wine that Georgia is famous for – and not ripped off in hotels, expensive restaurants or other tourist traps (not unique to Georgia; will happen in any country). He was stared at because he didn’t blend in, which naturally happens in places like Georgia that don’t get many foreign visitors. So what? The staring is due to curiosity, not rudeness.

    As a young American female who has visited Georgia, I can’t wait to go back and maybe even live there. I was always comfortable and well taken care of, and probably made more friends in a few months than I had in my entire life in the US.

  18. I feel sorry for you idiots thinking that being wined and dined at a supra is “traditonal” hospitality. A supra, like most things in Georgia is an excessive waste of time and foodstuffs, with its primary aim to celebrate the one hosting the feast. Boring and tired toasts about love of country and peace, el al is useless if you dont mean it,a nd once they leave the supra, they are back to being what they are, third world goons.
    Any country that depends on the international comunity to feed their hungry, take care of their poor and disadvantged, while the ruling elite do nothing but flaunt their ill begotten wealth, is a worthless country.
    Take a real look at what is going on in Georgia and remove your blinders.
    By the way, go by any foreign embassy and tell me how long the lines are for people wanting to get out this “paradise”!

    1. Ok “Bill”, why dont you tell us how things are in your amazing country called Russia? Do foreigners still get attacked by neo-nazis or its just the police doing their job now? You are a moron and an idiot, first of all for trying to fool others that you have been in Georgia which you have NOT. I know people from around the world from Brits to French, from Swiss to Dutch, from German to Brazilian, etc, who hav visited Georgia and 99.9% loved it, 0.1% liked it, 0% disliked it. so you are either from another planet, or you are just another Georgia hater from Russia, and i am 100% sure you have never been to Georgia, its more then obvious.

      And dont be ashamed to hide your name “Bill”.

  19. I thought this was all very entertaining – as Joana said, everything Bill says has a ring of truth to it but this is so carricatural it’s actually funny, you could describe any country in this way (eg Paris is full of dog shit and people are rude and can’t speak English) so I wouldn’t be offended if he described my own little rambling nation (which I think has many great things to share with the world) in such a simplistic way, and certainly wouldn’t squander my time replying him ๐Ÿ™‚
    Yes, there are many things to improve in Georgia, but yes, there are even more things to cherish!

  20. Hey Bill Durk or should I say Bill “Durak” I’m sure you’ll understand what that means. Listen carefully, 1. Georgia is not a filthy country, it is almost 2000 years old, it is full of beautiful and historical places, people are so friendly and nice that they will invite a stranger and give them their last bread or meal and make them feel comfortable and worm, where as in other countries, if someone is in trouble or even if he/she is dying in the street no one will even look at him/her. 2. Georgian food is the most delicious food your arrogant stomach could ever have. Georgian food is always organic, and when you eat it, you never wish that you’d rather ate a piece of wood than the food. 3. Maybe Georgian people are wearing black, but so what, at least they look chic and classy, or you’d rather watch a guy walking in front of you with his pants down his knees and his underwear sticking out? and others wear black because they have to, because they’ve lost their husbands, parents, or even children. 4. Georgia is one of the most intelligent and brave countries. You know why, because even though it has been through lot of pain and loss, it is still standing strong and independent, and it will never surrender to countries who can’t keep their “filthy” paws from Georgia. Georgia has its own alphabet and its own language, and it has traditional holidays and meals, that your country will never have. And last but not least Georgia is one of the most religious countries in the world, and it will always be the main reason why it is still standing strong, even after all the attacks and wars, over the centuries. So as you have no idea about Georgian history, I will tell you one thing, no one will ever fight for filthy and terrible things, and as Georgia always had a greedy neighbors, I’m guessing it is worth fighting for. everybody wants the best, and that makes Georgia one of THE BEST places…so keep you cheap opinions to yourself….!!!!!!

  21. @Durks, hey dude, think a little bit… humm… different!
    Georgians, people KNOW that they are GEORGIANS and not some kind of bastard /multi-mixed-people like you. You dont even know where are you from m8.
    The only americans are the people who lived there(in american fields) before your selfish “breed” destroy them. Also know that money / country / NYC ( or everything u’ve got in ur country) does not means something to us.
    Also, you should not speak on this way about Georgia cuz we DO NOT live in a country which is full of lies.
    We respect everything, every people and every nation but please, Druks, keep ur facking opinion about you and stop acting like a fool!

  22. Uh no there aren’t in georgia trash bags. But the tiny houses in the back they simbolize the houses president saakashvili built for the homeless people. Georgia is on 5fth place in world bank with economy which rised the fastes of all countries. Georgia is really beautifull, trowing away a plastic bag can cost you a lot of money ..

  23. They have found in Tbilisi (capital of georgia) under the church a temple or place that is even older than tbilisi, tbilisi was about 2000 years old, now it seems to be older than that. Never say anything about georgians, every nation may wish that they had this type of people, religion, faith and that they would be as strong as georgians are. The fighted against the greatest enemies, Russians, Turks, Persians< Mongols, Arabs and they never lost it. Georgia was always the winning parts. Even the Roman Empire and the greeks couldn't take georgia, you know why? Georgians are strong and care for eachother. A russian soldier killed a georgian womans husband in the war in agust, then the russian soldier was hitten by a russian plain in his chest. The old woman took him with her, and she cared for him like a mother, evenb he had killed her husband in front of her eyes. If it would be an American, African or whatever he would kill that soldier. But the woman was try to help, even her husband was gone. SHe cared like a mother. Guess what the video was on youtube, the soldier thanked the woman. few days later, the video was gone. Why? ''This video is removed, because it had political problems''. Russia = Corruption 4 ever.

  24. Bill, where are you from? Fagland? I wonder…
    Anyway, you know that I am from Georgia, and if you said that front of my face, you would have ended up in hospital with broken arms and legs you faggot!!!

  25. there’s nothing about enviroment . It’s just sign for georgia that Ilumminatti is coming there . believe me . and the sign is Traingle “Illuminatti” symbol

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