Summer in Georgia: Entertainment

Georgia – a tiny country in the Caucasus has been working a lot to position itself as one of the hot tourism destinations in the region and not only. Government has spent a lot and has attracted foreign business to develop infrastructure in its mountains, seaside and other regions. According to various sources the number of tourists increases every year and by 2015 it will reach 4-5 million (according to 2010 estimate Georgia’s population is 4.5 million). Truly, country has a lot to offer, The capital – Tbilisi is a mix of eastern and western cultures, here you may buy antiques and handmade carpets, enjoy the finest Georgian and Western cuisine, visit ancient churches and etc.

If you have not seen this ad, you might want to take a look in order to get a feeling of Georgia:

Batumi, the biggest seaside city is rapidly developing, brands like Sheraton and Radisson have already built hotels and more are coming.

Summer entertainment in Georgia is diverse.

On July 3rd, singer Sting and trumpeter Chris Botti held a concert in Batumi.

Sting and Chris Botti are not the only famous names that perform in Batumi this year. On July 24, annual Black Sea Jazz Festival will feature R&B and Soul singer – Macy Gray. Concert will be held on Batumi’s Piazza.

On July 14, MTV posted on its website that “August 2nd will be like no other with Georgia’s first ever MTV Live music event featuring global superstar Enrique Iglesias.” The concert will be free and due to the capacity of the Europe Square will be shown on TV. Iglesias will perform tracks from his latest 2010 album – Euphoria.

DJ Festival Batumi Calling will last for 3 days and will feature well-known in Georgia and not only DJ, co-author of the Balance compilations – Desyn Masiello and Georgian DJs.

Electronic music lovers will have a chance to attend a progressive music festival – Silk Festival, featuring artists like Tesla Boy, Hearthrob, Hobo, Justus Kohncke, and others.

New club Seaside Batumi will open it’s doors on July 23rd with a promising line up of artists like: Coolio, Superman Lovers, Modjo, Gramophonedzie, Snap! and others.

Tbilisi based Event Group, will bring Junior Jack and Sonique to Batumi and famous Ukranian funk/rock band Boobmox to Tbilisi.

There will be a DJ fest in Tbilisi too. DJs like Louis Osbourne (Ozzy’s son), The Drill, Noir, Tony Rohr and others will begin to perform on July 30th in Tbilisi’s Vake Park and will play nonstop till August 1st.

It seems like music scene in Georgia will be busy this summer with a broad variety of music genres that will satisfy any taste. And if you have not decided where to go, you might consider booking a ticket to Georgia.

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