Month: September 2011

Georgia: Virtual Parliamentary Speaker Election

Ahead of a parliamentary election in Georgia set for October 2012, David Bakradze, Chair of the current Parliament, is currently the most active member of the ruling party on Facebook. His official page, with 27,526 likes at time of writing, includes photos of visits and meetings as well as of his family. Bakradze has also launched a game called Elections where each person liking his page can run for position of virtual parliamentary chair.


მარჯანიშვილის ქუჩის ახალი სახე

თბილისის მერიის ვებ-გვერდზე დევს რუკა, რომელზეც ქალაქში არსებული თუ მშენებარე არქიტექტურული ობიექტების ნახვა და მათზე დეტალური ინფორმაციის მიღებაა შესაძლებელი. მარჯანიშვილის ქუჩის რეკონსტრუქციას 100 გვერდიანი pdf ფაილი აქვს მიძღვნილი, რომელსაც შეგიძლიათ აქ გაეცნოთ. ქუჩის მომავალი სახე კი ასეთი უნდა იყოს:


Tourism in Georgia [Statistics]

Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia has released a detailed data about foreign visitors to Georgia. Tourists from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Russia are leading the list and only 5% of visitors are from the EU. According to MIA, 1,793,449 foreign arrivals have been recorded in January-August, 2011 (2,031,695 people traveled to Georgia in 2010). Most of them were from Azerbaijan – 456,282, 455,611 from Turkey, 448,374 from Armenia and 176,090 from Russia.

2011* - Indicates number of tourists for the January-August period.


Security Police to Install Cameras in Parks of Tbilisi

Security Police Department of Georgia ( began installing cameras in recreational areas and parks of Tbilisi. According to the PR office of SPD, 100 cameras will be installed in 7 parks as a part of the ongoing project “Safe Parks”. The surveillance cameras have already been installed in one of the biggest recreational areas – Vake Park.

Courtesy of

Most of the recreational areas of Tbilisi are monitored by Security Police personnel; SPD thinks that after installing the cameras their job will get easier.

According to the Security Police, live cameras will allow the department to monitor parks 24/7, minimize the risk of crime and increase response rate on possible incidents.

It has to be noted that under the “Freedom Charter”, that was passed by the Georgian Parliament in May, 2011, Ministry of Internal Affairs is set to create a major surveillance system that will monitor strategic buildings, airports, subway and railway stations, public spaces and etc. It also obliges banks to inform the Ministry about large bank transfers to organisations or individuals.