Georgia unveils second military vehicle – Lazika

Georgian Ministry of Defense (MOD) unveils second locally produced military vehicle – Lazika. The presentation of an infantry combat vehicle took place today at the Vaziani military base. “The Georgian President and Defence Minister drove a few kilometers in a new armored vehicle along with military servicemen. ” – says the official website of MOD.

Lazika, unlike Didgori (The first Armored Personnel Carrier produced in Georgia)  is a heavy armored, infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) that has a fire control system, with 23 mm caliber cannon and a mounted 7,62 mm caliber machine gun. Vehicle’s armor provides protection from 14,5 mm bullets and it has an effective day-night, thermal vision cameras that allow detection of a target at various distances. Lazika’s crew consists of 3 people and it can transport 7 more.

Lazika was developed by MOD’s Delta research center, which, according to the Minister Bacho Akhalaia, worked on it for two years. Didgori was also developed by Delta research center and a number of these personnel carriers were presented at the Independence Day Parade on May 26, 2011. It is unknown how many Lazikas did the center produce or how many are planned; according to Mikheil Saakashvili, Lazika will be given to Georgian army and also sold abroad.

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