Flash flood kills 5 in Georgia

Flash flood has killed at least 5 in Georgia’s capital – Tbilisi on Sunday, May 13. A heavy rain caused river Mtkvari to swell that swept through several districts of  the capital. According to latest reports heaviest damage was taken at Tbilisi’s Ortachala district where 5 died and 3 are still missing. Electricity was cut off for several thousands of Tbilisians, and according to the official sources 8 villages are isolated in Georgia’s Dusheti region.

A screengrab from RealTV’s live broadcast, which was the only TV station covering the story live.

An image of Tbilisi’s Saburtalo district. Photo from ireporter.ge

Rescuers trying to evacuate residents of Ortachala. Photo from Tamuna Mirianashvili

And finally here’s a video that shows what was on air on Georgian TV channels while the rain and flood was sweeping Tbilisi. As said above, RealTV was the only channel that was live from the scene until it stopped to rain.


  1. Terrible news! I just found out about it… It is not strange I found about it few minutes ago (in Bosnia) when even Georgian channels didn’t report about it while raining was going on… Hope weather will calm down and there are no more casualties…

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