Young filmmakers in Kakheti

I was invited to Telavi (Administrative center of Kakheti) to attend a screening of short movies created by local students. The event was organized by a Center for Civic Engagement and it gathered people from all town.

Zura and Rati Tegerashvili are twin brothers who just moved to eleventh grade and they have been shooting films (mostly silent movies) for quite some time. As they have said in their presentation one of the reasons was an absence of a movie theater in town. “We started filming to entertain our Facebook friends, we could have never thought that our movies would be so successful,” they say.

Boys call themselves Kinogurmanebi (Movie Gourmets) and they have started a blog with the same name in order to popularize their work. Most of the movies are created by four crew members (Tegerashvili brothers and their friends who are main actors in their movies). They have won several contests and they are not going to stop, “now we are starting to improve a quality and we plan to participate in more contests,” one of the brothers said during a presentation. All they have a is a tripod and a flip camera; if they win a contest that they have recently applied for, they plan to sell a prize and buy a better camera.

Here are some of their movies, for more go to their blog:

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