Tbilisi Hangout: Live talk on all things related to Georgia

Starting from November 28, Every Wednesday at 20:00 (Tbilisi time) me and Nicholas Clayton will talk about current affairs of Georgia on Google Hangout. The live webcast is called Tbilisi Hangout and it is about politics, society, sports and whatever nonsense we find interesting. We are trying to make it as interactive as possible, hence you can ask questions or leave comments, decide what you would like to hear next week and also join us with your web camera. Occasionally we will be coming live from various locations like bars, offices, streets, etc. You can subscribe to this YouTube channel in order to be updated about upcoming hangouts.

Here’s the first Tbilisi Hangout. In this episode we talk about anti-Ivansivhili articles in western media, global amnesty, mandatory ID cards, Georgia rugby, etc. let us know what you think.



  1. Great, guys! Haven’t had the time yet to listen to the first episode, but during the weekend I shall dedicate my time to listen to it, looking very much forward to it 🙂 Ideal way to get to know a country while not being able to actually be there in person, so thank you guys very much in advance!

  2. Hey again! Finally found the time to listen to it. Great debut, thumbs up!
    Up for a bit of criticism? Despite some troubles understanding you, Mirian, due to the microphone I reckon, I had no problems understanding you guys. Good intonation and a decent pace. As I was working while listening to your show, that is always a plus! 🙂

    A minor downside for me was the proper lack of transitions from topic to topic. I had a hard time following the logic of the various topics. As I listened to it on youtube and took breaks over the weekend (yes, I was running on a rather tight schedule!) and so had to look out for the last stop I made. Could you – for the next time – set intermediary times on youtube (topic for topic!) so I (and the millions of people who will join in hopefully) can find each topic separately!? Would ease up the show for reruns a lot 🙂 But these are only my two cents.

    Well, I am much looking forward to the next show!

    Cheers guys!

    1. Hey, thanks for your feedback, since it was a pilot episode we have learned a lot and we’ll make it as use-friendly as possible in the future. YouTube “Times of content” is very useful and we’ll do it next time. Cheers 🙂

  3. a quick summary on #2 and #3: Great pieces guys, always interesting and with the newly added timeline on youtube, it helps tremendously to jump in and out, since I do not always have time to listen to the full 60min in one go.

    However, have you thought about widening the spectrum of the topics covered? Don’t get me wrong, I strongly like the sociopolitical touch, but what I found highly likable in episode #1 was the small piece on Georgian rugby!

    But…keep up the great work! 🙂

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