Month: February 2013

Tbilisi Hangout

Tbilisi Hangout is a weekly Google Hangout with Mirian Jugheli and Nicholas Alan Clayton. We talk about stuff in Georgia and what not.

Two journalists in Tbilisi. Lots of opinions. Through the wizardry of Google Hangouts, join Mirian Jugheli and Nick Clayton every Wednesday at 20:00 Tbilisi time and watch and listen as they talk all things Caucasus — news, sports, food, and whatever else is on the menu.

Check out the series here:

Georgia: Politicians fistfight Live on TV

Ladies and gentlemen, in the left corner, member of the Parliament, Sergo Ratiani, United National Movement.


In the right corner, member of the Parliament, Koba Davitashvili, Georgian Dream:

Want to know why did they fight? Read this article

Google Voice lists Abkhazia as Russia

Whenever you’re abroad for a long time you look for different ways to contact your family every once in a while (Skype, landline, etc.). A Georgian friend of mine who lives in Bulgaria wanted to call home and he decided to use Google Voice (A telecommunication service from Google). But before doing so he checked call rates. By doing this he suddenly discovered that Google Voice lists Abkhazia as one of the rates for calling Russia.Google_Voice_Russia_Abkhazia

In addition to this strange fact it turns out that the fee for Abkhazia is the highest in the list. I decided to write Google Voice and ask them why do they list Abkhazia as an option for Russia. I am waiting for their answer and as soon as they reply I’ll post it here.


Georgia: Pink Stalin

Mikheil Saakashvili, the president of Georgia and his political team – United National Movement have been very tough on soviet symbols in Georgia. During their parliamentary rule a law was passed that required all soviet symbols to be taken down from public buildings. They also removed monuments of Stalin from Gori (Stalin’s hometown) and other parts of Georgia. After the October 1, 2012 parliamentary election, when Bidzina Ivanishvili’s Georgian Dream came to power elderly citizens of Georgia began to re-erect Stalin’s monument in various parts of Georgia. For example in this video called “Glory to big Stalin” people say what a great person Stalin was and what great things he has done:

This fact has upset the other part of Georgians who decided to fight against resurrection of Stalin monuments by painting them pink. And this is the result:

pink stalin2

Stalin monument in Village Alvani, Kakheti region.