#Georgia: Sharing books by leaving them at public places goes viral

მოხეტიალე წიგნები (Strolling Books) – A Facebook page has been set up in Georgia to give out books for free. The idea went viral and in three days the page got almost 30,000 likes.

According to the page, any person may leave a book at public place, add a message a date and a place. The next person who’ll find and read the book should also add a date and place when and where found; later leave it at a park, in a cafe or somewhere else. The books are about everything and for everybody.



The idea has just gone beyond Tbilisi (The capital of Georgia).

On April 3, 2014 The administrator of Strolling Books asked people living near the so-called administrative border with Abkhazia and South Ossetia to pass books beyond the border, here’s what the status says:

I have posted a lot of statuses today but I just got this idea and I want to share it to you:
We need a help of especially those who live in Zugdidi, Gori and others near the so-called border to give a unique face to our movement.
Friends, you have a daily contact with so-called “beyond the border” people, you travel, have contacts, family relations, etc. Don’t you want to stroll books from here to “there”? It is a little utopian idea but let’s believe that books can do important things. It’s interesting in whose hands will these books end up, how will people get it, etc. Let’s start rebuilding social contacts, let’s forget the state, governments, parliament members, officials and go beyond feasts and toasts. Let’s move one step forward.
It all depends on your activity; please send us photos from mentioned places!



Let’s see if books will reach the other side and what the reaction will be.


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