Georgia’s Soviet Mosaics pt. 2 (35 Photos)

Dusheti_Bus_Stop_4Go to this link to check the first part.

I have been documenting Soviet mosaics in Georgia for past several months. These interesting pieces of work are disappearing due to various reasons – the glass pieces fall apart, buildings are demolished, etc. However I think their importance as a depiction of Soviet history and architecture is huge and they should be documented and preserved if possible.

Most of these mosaics are from Tbilisi – the capital of Georgia but some of them are from other parts of the country as well. Buildings with these artworks range from a bottle opener factory to bus stations and local tourist sights.

According to various local architects most of the Georgian mosaics are made from glass pieces that were usually brought from Moscow to brighten up public spaces. In past mosaics were associated with religion – temples and spiritual sights had colorful walls that were depicting either humans or phenomenons, however in USSR religion was not the main theme.

In 1930’s mosaics became one of the key elements of the Moscow subway system and soon after they became a symbol of Soviet art.

Images on these mosaics range from astronauts and workers to famous Georgian writers or even some abstract shapes.

So here they are:

Click on images to view them in a larger format.

1. Borjomi – The city famous for its mineral water and fresh air turns out to be a heaven of mosaics. The first photo is taken at the Borjomi CenterBorjomi_CenterBorjomi_Center_1Borjomi_Center_2
2. Mosaic patterns are not only used to decorate walls but pots, fountains, etc.
3. Could not find out what used to be here before might have been another cafe.Borjomi_Hunting_CafeBorjomi_Hunting_Cafe_1Borjomi_Hunting_Cafe_2Borjomi_Hunting_Cafe_3
4. Little fountain at the Borjomi Park.Borjomi_Little_Fountain
5. Former Sanatorium Borjomi, now IDPs from Abkhazia live in the building.Borjomi_SanatoriumBorjomi_Sanatorium_1Borjomi_Sanatorium_2Borjomi_Sanatorium_3Borjomi_Sanatorium_4Borjomi_Sanatorium_5
6. A sun wall at the Borjomi center.Borjomi_SunBorjomi_Sun_2
7. A random wall in Borjomi.Borjomi_Wall
8. Tbilisi’s David Aghmashenebeli avenue portraying King David the Builder himself.David_Aghmashenebeli
9. Sokhumi State University in Tbilisi. Sokhumi_University
10. Abandoned warehouse near Dusheti Dusheti_Abandoned_Warehouse
11. Abandoned bus station near DushetiDusheti_Bus_StopDusheti_Bus_Stop_1Dusheti_Bus_Stop_4
12. A warrior Gurjaani with a political poster attached to it. Gurjaani
13. Former bus station in GurjaaniGurjaani_Former_Bus_StationGurjaani_Former_Bus_Station_1Gurjaani_Former_Bus_Station_2Gurjaani_Former_Bus_Station_3
14. On the way to Kazbegi. KazbegiKazbegi_1Kazbegi_2
15 Abandoned bus station in front of this buildingKazbegi_Bus_Stop

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