Trader Joe’s 100% Cherry Juice comes from Georgia

trader_joes_cherry_juice_georgiaIn case you’d like to start your day with a tasty juice or have it with your lunch you should head over to Trader Joe’s and try their 100% Cherry Juice because it comes to their shelves all the way from Georgia. Here’s what the website says:

One of the things we love to do most is travel the world in search of the best-tasting products that represent the best values for you, our customers. Sometimes we find those products in our own backyard, and sometimes we find them in places we hadn’t really even thought to look. That’s what happened with our 100% Cherry Juice, which recently made its debut in our stores.

Trader Joe’s 100% Cherry Juice comes to us from the Caucasus Mountains/Black Sea region of Georgia—the country that lies at the intersection of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, not the state that lies in the heart of the southeastern United States. This area is home to some of the world’s finest cherries—they’re generally referred to as “sour” or “tart.”

The 32 ounces of Georgia will cost you only $3.99.


Georgian govt creates a website for South African Boers

In Fall, 2010 Georgian government announced that it was planning to invite South African Boers to move their businesses to Georgia.

There are approximately 40,000 Boers, mainly of Dutch decent living in South Africa who fear that the local government will oppress them by implementing new agricultural policies. Georgia, on the other hand, has huge agricultural resources that need to be used. Georgian government thinks that it would be a great opportunity if Boers would move to Caucasus and bring their knowledge of modern farming.