World Press Freedom Day marked by a protest in Georgia [PHOTO/VIDEO]

World Press Freedom Day, May 3 was marked by a protest in Georgia’s capital Tbilisi. Journalists, bloggers and NGO representatives gathered on Rustaveli ave., where a staged funeral of Georgian media took place. Some of the protesters brought posters saying “we deserve free media”, “media is not your monkey”, etc. The protest was joined by a group of young Georgians who demand an investigation of a recent suspicious prison death. Here are some photos and a video of the funeral:


Medvedev’s Facebook page blocked for Georgians

With Russian soldiers in Georgia’s breakaway regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, a group of Forum.ge users proposed to mark the Defender of the Fartherland Day on February 23 by posting anti-occupation comments on Dmitry Medvedev’s Facebook page.

Cyxymu (Georgian blogger who was a target of series of attacks on social networking sites Facebook, Google Blogger, LiveJournal and Twitter, taking the latter offline for two hours on August 7, 2009) posted a photo about this campaign on Facebook that got attention of many Georgians. More than 200 Facebook users started to post comments and they still keep doing it:

“Дмитрий Анатольевич, я требую вывода российских оккупационных войск из Грузии!”

“Dmitry Anatolyevich I demand to withdraw Russian occupational forces from Georgia!” (more…)

Internet Censorship in Abkhazia?

Starting from January 28, 2011 Abkhazians who use internet service provided by A-Mobile are not able to access the website of Abkhazia’s Economic Development Party (ERA). Journalist Akhra Smyr writes on his blog that he is a customer of A-Mobile and he cannot open the party’s website. According to Smyr, possible reason of this action may be the fact that an independent Abaza TV broadcasts its stories on the ERA’s website.

Screenshot saying that Google Chrome cannot open the website. From Akhra Smyr's personal blog http://akhrensky.livejournal.com/87385.html

ERA has posted an official announcement on it’s website:

Оператор сотовой связи «А-Мобайл» заблокировал своим  абонентам доступ на сайт партии ЭРА http://www.era-abbkhazia.org. Проведенный редакцией сайта мониторинг показал, что ни один абонент сотовой компании «А-Мобайл» не может посетить сайт.

Редакция официального сайта Партии ЭРА

“Cellular operator A-Mobile has blocked its customers from access to the site of the party ERA www.era-abbkhazia.org. Editorial team of the ERA Conducted a monitoring which showed that none of  A-Mobile’s customer is able to visit the website.

– Editors of the official website of the ERA”