Google Voice lists Abkhazia as Russia

Whenever you’re abroad for a long time you look for different ways to contact your family every once in a while (Skype, landline, etc.). A Georgian friend of mine who lives in Bulgaria wanted to call home and he decided to use Google Voice (A telecommunication service from Google). But before doing so he checked call rates. By doing this he suddenly discovered that Google Voice lists Abkhazia as one of the rates for calling Russia.Google_Voice_Russia_Abkhazia

In addition to this strange fact it turns out that the fee for Abkhazia is the highest in the list. I decided to write Google Voice and ask them why do they list Abkhazia as an option for Russia. I am waiting for their answer and as soon as they reply I’ll post it here.


Medvedev’s Facebook page blocked for Georgians

With Russian soldiers in Georgia’s breakaway regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, a group of users proposed to mark the Defender of the Fartherland Day on February 23 by posting anti-occupation comments on Dmitry Medvedev’s Facebook page.

Cyxymu (Georgian blogger who was a target of series of attacks on social networking sites Facebook, Google Blogger, LiveJournal and Twitter, taking the latter offline for two hours on August 7, 2009) posted a photo about this campaign on Facebook that got attention of many Georgians. More than 200 Facebook users started to post comments and they still keep doing it:

“Дмитрий Анатольевич, я требую вывода российских оккупационных войск из Грузии!”

“Dmitry Anatolyevich I demand to withdraw Russian occupational forces from Georgia!” (more…)

Tourism in Georgia [Statistics]

Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia has released a detailed data about foreign visitors to Georgia. Tourists from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Russia are leading the list and only 5% of visitors are from the EU. According to MIA, 1,793,449 foreign arrivals have been recorded in January-August, 2011 (2,031,695 people traveled to Georgia in 2010). Most of them were from Azerbaijan – 456,282, 455,611 from Turkey, 448,374 from Armenia and 176,090 from Russia.

2011* - Indicates number of tourists for the January-August period.


Only 3 percent of Russians feel ‘Very Good” of Georgia

On January 21-24, 2011 Russia-based Yuri Levada Analytical Center (Levada Center) conducted a research and surveyed 1600 Russians in 130 settlements of 45 regions of the country. Youngest interviewees were 18 years old. The Levada center posted results of the survey on its website [RUS]. According to them, Statistical error in the data from these studies does not exceed 3,4%. Here are the results:

Results show that Russians dislike Georgia more than USA, EU, Belarus and Ukraine.

Georgia to compete with Russia on Eurobasket 2011

Today, January 30, 2011 drawing for Eurobasket 2011 has been held in Vilnius.

Georgia got in group “D” alongside with Slovenia, Russia, Belgium,  Bulgaria and Ukraine.

The Eurobasket draw for 2011 is:

Group A: Spain, Turkey, Lithuania, Great Britain, Poland, Qualifier 2

Group B: Serbia, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Latvia

Group C: Greece, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzigovina, Qualifier 1

Group D: Slovenia, Russia, Belgium, Georgia, Bulgaria, Ukraine

EuroBasket 2011, will be the 37th regional championship held by FIBA Europe. The competition will be hosted by Lithuania.

Georgia to host 2015 European Youth Olympic Festival

On November 26-27, 39th European Olympic Committees (EOC) assembly was held in Belgrade, Serbia. It was attended by 49 National Olympic Committees. During the second day of works assembly has elected the cities that will host 2015 European Youth Olympic Festivals (EYOF). The 12th winter festival will take place in Austria and Liechtenstein. The bid for 13th summer festival was won by Tbilisi, Georgia against Brno, Czech Republic, who were competing for the second time. Tbilisi received 26 votes as opposed to 21 that was given to Brno. According to insidethegames, despite negative relations, Georgia’s bid was supported by a Russian delegation too.

The assembly was attended by a wide Georgian delegation, including Olympic champions, dancers and singers who have staged a 10 minute show. Mayor of Tbilisi – Gigi Ugulava was one of the attendees who expressed his readiness to hold the festival in 2015.

NATO Resolution 382 on the situation in Georgia

Originally posted on NATO Parliamentary Assembly Website 


Presented by the Committee on the Civil Dimension of Security and adopted by the Plenary Assembly on Tuesday 16 November 2010, Warsaw, Poland
The Assembly, 

1.   Commending Georgian authorities on their efforts to further democratic reforms, and in particular, to fight corruption, build democratic institutions and engage opposition in decision‑making;

2.    Acknowledging the significant contribution of Georgia to the NATO mission in Afghanistan;

3.     Welcoming the conduct of competitive and democratic local elections on 30 May 2010, which, according to international observers, marked progress towards meeting OSCE and Council of Europe commitments, despite significant remaining shortcomings;

4.    Welcoming also the process of constitutional reform, but regretting that full use was not made of the advisory mechanism of the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe;

5.     Deeply concerned by the humanitarian situation in Georgia  ’s occupied territories of Abkhazia andSouth Ossetia, as well as the ongoing denial of the right of return to Georgian populations displaced from the two regions; (more…)