Tourism in Georgia [Statistics]

Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia has released a detailed data about foreign visitors to Georgia. Tourists from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Russia are leading the list and only 5% of visitors are from the EU. According to MIA, 1,793,449 foreign arrivals have been recorded in January-August, 2011 (2,031,695 people traveled to Georgia in 2010). Most of them were from Azerbaijan – 456,282, 455,611 from Turkey, 448,374 from Armenia and 176,090 from Russia.

2011* - Indicates number of tourists for the January-August period.


Batumi Bike Festival 2010

On July 29 – August 1 Black Sea resort Batumi hosted the first international Bike festival in Georgia. The festival featured various events, including contests, Rock music concert, tour in mountainous Adjara and etc. More than 200 bikers from Georgia, Turkey and Armenia participated in the fest.

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