Trader Joe’s 100% Cherry Juice comes from Georgia

trader_joes_cherry_juice_georgiaIn case you’d like to start your day with a tasty juice or have it with your lunch you should head over to Trader Joe’s and try their 100% Cherry Juice because it comes to their shelves all the way from Georgia. Here’s what the website says:

One of the things we love to do most is travel the world in search of the best-tasting products that represent the best values for you, our customers. Sometimes we find those products in our own backyard, and sometimes we find them in places we hadn’t really even thought to look. That’s what happened with our 100% Cherry Juice, which recently made its debut in our stores.

Trader Joe’s 100% Cherry Juice comes to us from the Caucasus Mountains/Black Sea region of Georgia—the country that lies at the intersection of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, not the state that lies in the heart of the southeastern United States. This area is home to some of the world’s finest cherries—they’re generally referred to as “sour” or “tart.”

The 32 ounces of Georgia will cost you only $3.99.


Only 3 percent of Russians feel ‘Very Good” of Georgia

On January 21-24, 2011 Russia-based Yuri Levada Analytical Center (Levada Center) conducted a research and surveyed 1600 Russians in 130 settlements of 45 regions of the country. Youngest interviewees were 18 years old. The Levada center posted results of the survey on its website [RUS]. According to them, Statistical error in the data from these studies does not exceed 3,4%. Here are the results:

Results show that Russians dislike Georgia more than USA, EU, Belarus and Ukraine.

ილია ცინაძის დედა ენა

ილია ცინაძე საქართველოში დაიბადა, ხოლო როდესაც 8 წლის იყო, ოჯახთან ერთად საცხოვრებლად აშშ-ში გადავიდა. მას შემდეგ ილიას ქართულ კულტურუსთან და განსაკუთრებით ქართულ მუსიკასთან კავშირი არ გაუწყვიტავს. ილია 13 წლის იყო, როდესაც მშობლებმა პირველი გიტარა უყიდეს. სკოლის დამთავრების შემდეგ მან სწავლა უილიამ პეტერსონის უნივერსიტეტში განაგრძო, სადაც იგი ჯაზს სწავლობდა. ცინაძე საქართველოს 2005 წელს ეწვია, სადაც მან თავის მუსიკალური მემკვიდრეობა აღმოაჩინა, იგი შეხვდა რამდენიმე მუსიკოსს და გადაწყვიტა ქართული სიმღერა შეესწავლა. ილიამ, ოჯახისა და მეგობრების დახმარებით თავი მოუყარა რამდენიმე ისტორიასა თუ სიმღერას და გადაწყვიტა ისინი ამერიკელი პუბლიკისთვის გაეცნო.


ილია ცინაძის ბენდი (ფოტო ილიას ვებ-გვერდიდან

ილიამ შექმნა ბენდი, რომელიც ექვსი წევრისგან შედგება, ესენი არიან: რიჩი ბარშეი (დრამი), ქრის თორდინი (კონტრაბასი), რობ ჰექთი (ვიოლინო), ლიამ რობინსონი (აკორდეონი) და ვოკალისტი – ჯინ რო. ამჟამად ისინი თავიანთ პირველ პროექტზე – დედა ენაზე მუშაობენ, ამ ალბომში 8 ტრადიციული ქართული და ილიას მიერ დაწერილი 2 სიმღერა შევა.


Ilusha Tsinadze’s Mother Tongue

Ilusha Tsinadze was born in Georgia. When he was 8 years old he and his family moved to USA. Since then Ilusha has maintained strong ties with Georgian culture, especially Georgian music. Tsinadze was 13 years old when parents bought him his first guitar, and that’s when his journey began. After a graduation from high school Ilusha was accepted to William Paterson University, where he studied jazz. In 2005 Tsinadze visited Georgia and discovered his musical heritage. He met several musicians in Georgia and decided to learn some of the songs. Ilusha began to collect stories and songs from his relatives and became inspired to share Georgian music with an American audience.

Ilusha Tsinadze's Band (from

Ilusha Tsinadze created a band that features Richie Barshay (drums), Chris Tordini (bass), Rob Hecht (violin and bass clarinet), Liam Robinson (accordion), and guest vocalist Jean Rohe (Ilusha’s girlfriend). Currently they’re working on their first project called Mother Tongue (Deda Ena). The album will feature 8 Georgian traditional songs and 2 of Ilusha’s own compositions.


Embassy Row: Georgia

If you happen to be in Washington DC make sure you go to the Embassy Row.  It is not hard to be found: get on the Dupont Circle take Massachusetts ave. and walk towards the Sheridan Circle. In about two minutes you will see the first diplomatic building which is the Chancery of the Portuguese Embassy. From that point Embassy Row or your international adventure begins because there are approximately 60 embassies around. Keep walking straight up to the Sheridan Circle and you’ll see diplomatic missions of Indonesia and India. A little bit farther, after the crossroad of Florida Ave. approximately 10 Embassies are located next to each other. These are missions of Turkmenistan, Togo, Greece, Ireland, Egypt, Sudan and etc. Georgian embassy is sandwiched between Greek and Turkmen missions.


Georgians protest Russian occupation in front of the UN headquarters

On August 7, 2010, 12:00 noon approximately 50 Georgians gathered in front of the UN headquarters in New York to protest two years of Russian occupation of Georgia. The protest was peaceful and lasted for an hour. Protesters held flags of Georgia and posters like “Russia get out of Georgia” or “Russia gives us back our homes”.

Among all the protesters were IDPs from Abkhazia who have not been in their homes for almost 20 years.

Photos by Mirian Jugheli