Death Rate in Georgian Prisons [INFOGRAPHIC]

JumpStart Georgia, an NGO which applies open-source technologies to open up public data has launched a new project called is a collection of news and data that is brought to you visually; The website calls all interested individuals to share their own visuals or ideas. So far JumpStart has posted two infographics about the death rate in Georgian penitentiary system. Information is based on an annual report presented by the Public Defender’s office of Georgia. According to the data 653 inmates died in the period 2006-2011, 1/3 of them because of tuberculosis. (more…)

Thousands protest violence in Georgian prisons: Day 3 [PHOTOS]

Thursday, September 20, 2012 – Thousands of Georgians took it to the streets of Tbilisi over prison rape and abuse videos. On the third day of demonstrations, protesters gathered in front of the Georgian Prosecutor’s Office where they demanded resignation of Interior Minister Bacho Akhalia and other officials involved in atrocities. Later demonstrators moved to a prison hospital, where they were greeted by inmates waving napkins from the hospital windows. After an hour of protest students marched towards the presidential palace. Interior Minister Bacho Akhalia has resigned, however students will continue their protest on Day 4. Here are some photos from today: