Washington DC

Embassy Row: Georgia

If you happen to be in Washington DC make sure you go to the Embassy Row.  It is not hard to be found: get on the Dupont Circle take Massachusetts ave. and walk towards the Sheridan Circle. In about two minutes you will see the first diplomatic building which is the Chancery of the Portuguese Embassy. From that point Embassy Row or your international adventure begins because there are approximately 60 embassies around. Keep walking straight up to the Sheridan Circle and you’ll see diplomatic missions of Indonesia and India. A little bit farther, after the crossroad of Florida Ave. approximately 10 Embassies are located next to each other. These are missions of Turkmenistan, Togo, Greece, Ireland, Egypt, Sudan and etc. Georgian embassy is sandwiched between Greek and Turkmen missions.



Spies go to a museum

Can you believe that? All that Russian spies buzz turned out to be staged in order to advertise International Spy Museum (ISM) in Washington D.C…… JOKE! But take a look at this, the ISM found a perfect time to remind people of its existence, so they have put out some posters in the D.C. Metro. The advert features one person in several different outfits and it says: Nothing is what it seems, for the truth visit the Spy Museum

D.C. Metro employee sticking a poster on a pillar on July 1, 2010

Most probably during next few days the spy museum will be the favorite place of museum+entertainment lovers.