Month: August 2012

Young filmmakers in Kakheti

I was invited to Telavi (Administrative center of Kakheti) to attend a screening of short movies created by local students. The event was organized by a Center for Civic Engagement and it gathered people from all town.

Zura and Rati Tegerashvili are twin brothers who just moved to eleventh grade and they have been shooting films (mostly silent movies) for quite some time. As they have said in their presentation one of the reasons was an absence of a movie theater in town. “We started filming to entertain our Facebook friends, we could have never thought that our movies would be so successful,” they say.


How countries reward Olympic medalists [Infographic], a data visualization website posts an infographic on how countries reward their athletes for winning Olympic medals. According to the website, Since 1992, athletes have been allowed to accept cash awards from their governments, national olympic committees or private foundations that are their partners.


Fragments of the ancient fortress discovered in downtown Tbilisi [PHOTOS]

Ruins of an ancient fortress have been discovered in downtown Tbilisi while rehabilitating the Pushkin street.

While digging the road on Pushkin street workers discovered parts of a fortress that was a key fence in defending the city. According to archaeologists, oldest layers date back to the AD 5th century and the latest to AD 12-18th centuries.

The fence is described in various historic sources, the oldest depiction appears on Vakhushti‘s map of Tbilisi (1735):